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Steep Slope or Conventional services - we do it all!
 All Terrain Steep Slope

All Terrain, Inc. provides "Specialty" services for a variety of needs over multiple types of terrain. Using state-of-the-art machines like the HS41M , we are capable of maneuvering over steep slopes and into landscaped yards with a minimal amount of damage. These machines allow maximum production with the ability to clear, restore, and develop those "hard-to-reach" areas.

Such machines perform tasks you will learn to admire. These HS41M's work Beyond the Edges of the Land!

Go GREEN is also another addition to the many talents of this unique machine. Hydraulic oils have been replaced with environmentally safe mineral oil. Truly an HS41M "Green Machine!!!"

"Laying Pipeline" "Over the Edge"
The pipe layers had to use ropes
to hold them on the side hill.

The HS41M is shown clearing a lot and removing
cobble and vegetation while preparing a site for a very
expensive new home in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon.

"New Ski Lift" "Maneuverability"
This machine is "Heavenly" as it rises to the top of its field! Shown here is the HS41M preparing for the installation of footings for a new ski lift at "Heavenly Resort". Here the operator appreciates the capabilities of this machine, defined as: "Hours of pleasure" only to be interrupted by seconds of pure terror! Try this with any other machine! The HS41 has the ability to "Hang on the Edge" while remaining level during the completion of a delicate, environmental project.

"Rip Rap" "Utilities"
The trackhoe is able to stay on flat ground
while supplying the HS41 "Superhoe" with material.

Placing cable in the trench along a freeway.

"Erosion Control" "Steep Slope building and backfill "
Boulder placement prevented any further erosion.

The "Superhoe" is a must for all specialty projects!

River Bank Restoration River Bank Restoration
"River Bank Restoration"
Pond Restoration
"Creating a New Pond" "Pond Restoration"
"The Queen of Fish" "Larger Ponds"
During the pond cleaning process, hundreds of fish were captured and relocated.

Sometimes the pond cannot be drained. This machine works comfortably in 5 feet of water. The HS41M is shown here working well with a trackhoe on level ground.

Stream Bank Restoration Hand Made Gabions
"Stream Bank Restoration" "Hand Made Gabions"
Limited access, limited workspace, not a problem.

Built to Engineer's specifications, these gabion stacks were passed from the trackhoe to the Superhoe (HS41M) via the sled.

"The Sled" "Rip Rap"
Right down the middle of the creek bed, the Superhoe winches the sled that carries the Rip Rap and the soil which is held by the chain link fence.

With the Rip Rap in place, all that is left is the soil and seed and the client has a back yard again!

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